The film, set in the 1940s, is the true story of prolific Hollywood screenwriter, Dalton Trumbo, who was summoned by the House of Un-American Activities Committee to reveal his communist sympathies. Remaining silent and convincing his writer friends to do the same, he was held in contempt of congress, sent to prison, and upon his release, he found himself blacklisted and unable to find work. Jay Roach’s new film shows how Trumbo triumphed against the Hollywood blacklist.

Trumbo is a film about freedom of speech, and as the trailer suggests, no one should tell you how to write, act or feel. To celebrate the film’s release on 5 February, and the resilience of a writer that eventually beat McCarthy’s witch hunt, Picturehouse at FACT and Waterstone’s Liverpool One want you to get creative! Share your 140 character stories with us @FACT_Cinema using #Trumbo140 to win some great prizes!

The winner will receive four FREE cinema tickets to be used any time at FACT and Trumbo by Bruce Cook from Waterstone's Liverpool One. One runner up will bag themselves two cinema tickets.

Looking for inspriation? A few years ago #140novel encouraged writers to tell a story in just 140 characters. Some brilliant writers took part and a personal favourite of ours is Helen Fielding’s:

OK. Should not have logged on to your email but suggest if going on don't use our children's names as password.

and also Hari Kunzru’s thriller:

I'm here w/ disk. Where ru? Mall too crowded to see. I don't feel safe. What do you mean you didn't send any text? Those aren't your guys?

For our competition we want to find the next trailblazing writers, and you can write about any subject you’d like, the only limitations will be that the story be kept to the length of one tweet and you use #Trumbo140, which leaves you with a generous 129 characters to work with. We can’t wait to read your stories! So get writing… NOW!

Our competition closes at midnight on Friday 5 February and prizes are collection only. Please click here to read the full terms and conditions

Trumbo will be showing at Picturehouse at FACT from 5 February. Our current exhibition Follow explores how what we post on social media platforms like Twitter says about us.