This is a line from the Oscar nominated and action packed film The Revenant directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (also director of the award-winning Birdman). The film is inspired by true events based on the life of Hugh Glass, a fur trapper (played magnificently by Leonardo DiCaprio) and his epic journey set in 1823 in the American West.

Hugh Glass is left for dead by his hunting party and seeks revenge. It is a terrifying journey and story, brought to life by outstanding film making, and the story itself is blood-filled, action-packed and thought-provoking.

The acting is the main eye opener here, due to the true greatness from DiCaprio and supporting actors (Tom Hardy as Fitzgerald and Will Poulter as Jim Bridger as well as a cast of great Native Americans and fur trappers) with DiCaprio and Hardy both strong contenders for an Oscar award.

The locations used for the film’s cinematography provide non-stop breathtaking backdrops (for example - the treacherous snowy mountains of Louisiana). The terrifying violent scenes are necessary for the retelling of the story but amaze with their true brilliance in making it so real for the audience (you may have to look away in more than one scene!).

Gonzalez Inarritu really wants you to feel every scene and does this with great success - you feel you are there. There are some very emotional scenes in the film - with a lot of hurt, anger and betrayal among the fur-trappers party making you think about the characters and their actions. As the film progresses you begin to understand the main character’s view of everything, know what type of person he is and feel his emotions. It is a film with little dialogue, but very strong language, violence and a lot of blood (but please don’t let this put you off going to see it).

The scenic locations are beautifully shot, and although there is very little dialogue in many parts of the film, this has no impact on your enjoyment. Overall this is a truly remarkable epic which I think is very likely to win more than one Oscar - and deservedly so. I would highly recommend going to see this film for yourself especially to adventure lovers; anyone interested in American history; true stories or lovers of epics on the big screen.

Now...I’m not scared of this film, I’ve already watched it!!!

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