The performance #TOUCHMYSOUL by LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner took place here at FACT from 10 - 13 December, with the artists taking calls from members of the public, live in the gallery for four days. Everything the artists did was open for the public to see in the gallery, livestreamed online and also documented in a transcription they contributed to throughout.

During the performance, all three artists manned the phonelines in a pop-up call centre, taking 1089 from callers all over the world. Every person phoning in was asked by the artists if they could "touch their soul" and we had some beautiful responses; from songs and poetry, to personal stories and a few jokes along the way!

We had an astonishing 3129 people inside the gallery over the four days, which was also the opening weekend for current exhibition Follow (open to the public until 21 February, incuding documentation of this performance), whilst a whopping 271,672 watched the collective online via the livestream.

The performance culminated in artist Nastja Säda Rönkkö tattooing the words “You. Now. Wow.” onto LaBeouf’s arm – a quote taken from one of the calls, fittingly embodying the indelible marks of connection and community that were made over the four days of the project.

At FACT, visitors now have the opportunity to hear a selection of the phone calls taken from the four-day long performance, and listen to the moment callers from all over the world tried to form a connection with the collective. You can also read the transcriptions of each conversation (maybe try and spot your own), watch the livestream captured during the performance and see the short film of the tattooing, to relive the performance for yourself. 

So come in, sit in the chairs used by the artists and become part of the project! 

#TOUCHMYSOUL is part of the group exhibition Follow at FACT, open to visitors until 21 February, Tuesday - Sunday 11am - 6pm (admission free).