This week, we wished UK Astronaut, Tim Peake, the best of luck on his mission bound for the International Space Station (ISS). Setting off from Kazakhstan at 11:03am GMT with Commander Yuri Malenchenko and Timothy Kopra, the team travelled in the Russian Soyuz rocket and prepared to dock at ISS just after 5pm GMT on Tuesday night.

We’ve come a long way since the first person in space; Yuri Gagarin, reached the skies in 1961, and since then, 536 from 38 countries have followed suit. FACT blogger Jenny Evans recently explored how humanity’s perception of space has changed dramatically over time, and here at FACT we've been thinking a lot about how space connects us to our bewildered ancestors of the ancient world, yet also showcases the most pioneering scientific technology that continues to push the boundaries of exploration.

The Overview Effect, coined by Frank White in 1987, demonstrates the awe that some astronauts experience when looking down at earth from orbit, transforming their perspective on life. But this effect is limited alone to the 536 people that have ventured into space - so how can we be part of it?

Space exploration has inspired generations of people, from astronauts to members of the public. Upcoming exhibition by Ryoichi Kurokawa combines digital art and astrophysics to present a unique installation experience of the beginning of the Universe. It is a collaborative effort between researchers, scientists and artists, an exciting development in not only art-science projects but also in space exploration. Working with the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission, the artist and researchers have worked together to increase awareness and interest in issues related to the science of the universe, bringing their discoveries here to Liverpool.

For our final week of this campaign, curator Lesley Taker explains why Ryoichi’s show is so unique and why your continued support is vital to bringing this world premiere of the show to life:

‘We are very excited to be able to help produce and stage a new work by audio-visual artist Ryoichi Kurokawa exploring space data and the creation of the universe. Ryoichi's stunning work explores nature in an unprecedented way, uniting scientific data and immersive visuals with powerful sonic experiences. His work has packed out galleries and his live shows sold out theatres in a matter of hours. The expanding project, unfold, marks one of the biggest undertakings of the artist's career and we are extremely proud to be a part of it’.

Thank you, again, for your help. We hope that you keep sharing the page and exploring space over the next seven days!

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