FACT aims to inspire our audiences through a dynamic programme, covering topics from mental health to pop music. We’ve created the artistic package to give backers the chance to meet with Director Mike Stubbs, or Programme Producer Ana Botella, and learn more about the work that we do to sustain FACT’s unique and diverse programme.

Ana manages our Programme and Engagement departments. The Programme team develops three to four free shows each year with an integrated series of activity through our Community, Learning, Health and Young People strands. This is all overseen by Mike - artist, filmmaker and Professor - who has commissioned and produced over 350 exhibitions, interactive, site specific, performative, sound and moving-image based exhibition programmes and artworks.

Whether you’re an artist or inquisitive member of the public, pledge your support and we can arrange a workshop for you to gain insight into the art sector. If you have an interest in a particular area of FACT’s work, from technical install to press and marketing, please get in touch and we can arrange an alternative session with a different member of staff.


Paying testament to Ryoichi’s pioneering audiovisual art, we want you to have a mixing masterclass with in-house audio expert, Stefan Kazassoglou (Kinicho), who provides us with sound design support and advice for our installs, as well as for the development of new commissions with artists where there is a large audio component.

Having recently finished developing a custom built piece of software and speaker array for Shona Illingworth’s Lesions in the Landscape he’s also been busy with creating a flat-pack 20-speaker 3rd order ambisonic dodecahedron array, the ideal system for monitoring playback of immersive audio.

Learn more about Kinicho and their technologies and resolve your audio queries using Stefan’s extensive knowledge. You’ll also have the chance to master a track into ambisonics with his newly developed surround system with this exclusive Constellations package.


We’ve teamed up with Andy Newsam from the Astrophysics Research Institute who has extensive knowledge in astronomy and space as Professor of Astronomy Education and Engagement, Director of the National Schools' Observatory, Programme Leader for Distance Learning, STFC Science and Society Fellow and ESERO-UK Space Ambassador.

We want you to get inspired at one of the world’s leading authorities in Astrophysics and Astronomy. Andy will give backers a tour of the Centre at Liverpool John Moores University, offering insight into their research interests of star formation, stellar evolution, time-domain astrophysics (particularly novae, supernovae and gamma-ray bursts), galaxy formation, dynamics and evolution (including AGN), and galaxy clusters.

He’ll work with backers to operate the world's largest telescope that’s based in the Canary Islands, from Liverpool, and you’ll have the chance to select and focus on your own spot in space to take your own three colour observation snapshot away with you.


Feeling inspired? The perfect Christmas gift for art, audio and astronomy enthusiasta - click here to donate now.