Christmas Eve: CLOSED

Christmas Day: CLOSED

Boxing Day: CLOSED

Sunday 27 December: Open 11am - 6pm

Monday 28 December: Open 11am - 6pm

Tuesday 29 December: Open 11am - 6pm

Wednesday 30 December: Open 11am - 6pm

New Year’s Eve: Open 11am - 4pm

New Year’s Day: CLOSED

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Christmas Eve: open from 11am, last film of the day at 6.15pm

Christmas Day: CLOSED

Boxing Day: open 12.10pm

Sunday 27 December: open from 12.15pm

Monday 28 December: open from 12.15pm

Tuesday 29 December: open from 10.45am

Wednesday 30 December: open from 12pm

New Year’s Eve: open from 12, last film of the day at 6.30pm

New Year’s Day: open from 11.45am

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The Garden by LEAF

Christmas Eve: open 9am - 4pm

Christmas Day: CLOSED

Boxing Day: CLOSED

Sunday 27 December: CLOSED

Monday 28 December: 9am - 7pm

Tuesday 29 December: 9am - 7pm

Wednesday 30 December: 9am - 7pm

New Year's Eve: open 9am - 4pm

New Year's Day: closed


We hope you have a great Christmas and New Year! Check out our FACT Christmas video!