The announcement was made live on Channel 4, and Assemble will now be awarded £25,000 of the total £40,000 Turner Prize award. The other shortlisted artists Bonnie Camplin, Janice Kerbel, and Nicole Wermers will each be awarded £5,000.

Having worked with Assemble for our summer exhibition Build your Own: Tools for Sharing (4 June - 31 August 2015), co-produced by FACT, Crafts Council and Norfolk Museums Service, we are delighted about the win!

Director Mike Stubbs says: “We are very happy to find out that Assemble are the winners of the Turner Prize 2015. Their work has been hugely beneficial for both the Toxteth community and Liverpool on a larger scale, and shows that creative and innovative collaborations have an important role to play in community development. We are proud to be working with Assemble and look forward to following their work going forward.

Assemble’s projects include the ongoing collaboration with the Granby Four Streets Community Land Trust (CLT), with which they refurbished ten empty houses on Cairns Street in Toxteth, Liverpool, over the past year. The collective then carried on working with the Toxteth community in their project Granby Workshop, manufacturing and selling interior design products to raise money to support the regeneration of the area. The Workshop itself is situated in a disused corner shop on Granby Street.

The first set of interior design products created by Assemble were designed for the refurbished homes in Granby to replace elements that were stripped out of the houses as they were boarded up by the council, such as door knobs, mantelpieces, fabric and tiles. Assemble’s concrete mantelpieces were first created as part of the new commission Homework by Assemble and Will Shannon, and were showcased as part of FACT’s exhibition Build your Own: Tools for Sharing, now on display at Norwich castle. FACT and Crafts Council continue to support Assemble’s work with the Granby Workshop.

The survival of the Workshop now relies on potential interior design buyers. Products from the Granby Workshop can be purchased through

The Workshop has grown out of ongoing work with the Granby Four Streets Community Land Trust.
The project was produced as part of a Metal residency, with support from Liverpool City Council, Crafts Coucil, FACT and the Arts Council England. Tools for the workshop were provided at a discount by Axminster. Assemble’s initial work in Granby was commissioned by Steinbeck Studios and The Granby Four Streets CLT.