Part satirical social commentary, part comedy, The Graduate follows the story of 20-year old Benjamin Braddock (Hoffman), who returns to his family’s California home to find that he has no idea what to do with his life after graduating college.


Cue Mrs Robinson (Bancroft), the neglected and sexually deprived wife of his dad’s partner, who expertly seduces him into a summer long affair. But that's not all - making matters complicated is Benjamin’s burgeoning romance with Mrs Robinson’s daughter, Elaine (Ross).


One of the late, great Mike Nichols’ most memorable films, The Graduate launched Dustin Hoffman’s career and defined Bancroft’s, with her character becoming the archetype for the preying “older woman.” This is a film for every fresh-faced, 20-something graduate, struggling to come to grips with those pesky post-college blues. Here’s to you, Mrs Robinson.


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