Do you remember your first games console? Or better yet, your first Star Wars game? If not, get ready to put your memory into hyperspace.


Here at Picturehouse at FACT, we're holding a day devoted to Star Wars gaming. On Saturday 12 December, bring the whole family down for a free afternoon of gaming on platforms you once played over 25 years ago. We will be providing a multitude of retro consoles including a SNES, Master System II, Sinclair ZX Spectrum and Panasonic 3DO with all of your favourite Star Wars games and some you might never have heard of.


As a reflection on how far modern gaming has come, retailer GAME will also be providing a PS4 with Disney Infinity: Star Wars, just released this year!


So turn up on the day and get button bashing, entry is absolutely free. You can see what consoles and games we will have on show below!


After our late night film on Saturday 12 December, skip the end credits as Picturehouse and GAME have another surprise in store for you... Set up on one of our gigantic screens we will be playing the most highly awaited game of the year, Star Wars: Battlefront. Set to be the most beautiful and most in depth Star Wars game ever made, this is an event that shouldn't be missed.


To play Star Wars Battlefront on the big screen, please email: Places are limited, so book early!


Picturehouse at FACT Consoles


Sinclair ZX Spectrum - Star Wars 

Panasonic 3DO - Star Wars Rebel Assault 

SNES - Super Star Wars 

Master System II - Star Wars 




PS4 - Disney infinity: Star Wars 

PS4 - Star Wars: Battlefront 


Star Wars: The Force Awakens is showing in 2D and 3D at FACT from 17 December. Click here to book tickets.