We are crowdfunding for the final 10% of critically acclaimed visual artist and electronic composer Ryoichi Kurokawa’s exhibition taking place at FACT in Spring 2016. We need you to help us realise this artist’s spectacular vision, which will transport audiences into space through beautifully visual and sonic environments.

This groundbreaking, cross-disciplinary exhibition will be Japanese artist Ryoichi Kurokowa’s first UK solo show and will bring together the fields of art and science. With your support we have the opportunity to make this unique exhibition as immersive and awe-inspiring as possible. 

Astrophysicists at the Research Institute in the Fundamental Laws of the Universe (CEA, France) have granted Kurokawa the unique opportunity to explore data taken from molecular clouds in space - data which may hold the secrets behind the birth of stars. Using these previously undocumented findings, Kurokawa has developed a new body of work, unfold, and the upcoming exhibition at FACT marks the world premiere of bringing this data to life.

The new commission, unfold, explores the birth and evolution of stars offering viewers an artistic, yet scientific, representation of how the solar system was born, and how our galaxy might evolve. Kurokawa will construct his vision of a molecular cloud as close as possible to the scientific truth using striking 3D representations of space, combined with interpretations of how stars form within the cloud and create star clusters.

To help realise Kurokawa’s full vision for unfold at FACT, we need you! Your generous donations will go towards:

  • The development and presentation of this major new audio-visual commission across a variety of platforms: including a gallery work
  • Documentation of live events, to be published online, sharing and showcasing Kurokawa’s Liverpool performances with the rest of the world
  • Ensuring FACT is able to utlise the most state-of-the-art creative technology possible to assist Kurokawa in delivering an immersive, impressive setting for a work which has been three years in the making
  • A series of talks (featuring the artists and the scientists who helped to develop unfold), workshops, events and a curated film series to coincide with the exhibition at FACT 

We're incredibly excited to be able to showcase this important new work and the accompanying events programme in Liverpool. This project is a culmination of years of artistic and scientific research, and you can be a part of it! We want to involve you in this process, offer you unique insight into exhibition development, design and installation, and acknowledge you in your generous support. With your help, we can make this unique exhibition as beautiful and impressive as possible.

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