10. A Nightmare On Elm Street

The origin of the Elm Street franchise. In Wes Craven's cult classic, the disfigured Freddy Krueger with his razor fingers visits children in their sleep and they must survive their nightmares, to carry on living. 'One, two freddy is coming for you'...


9. Friday the 13th

Jason was a young boy with a terrible face disfigurement who was teased by all the other children. The other kids at the camp threw Jason in the cursed water. Now as counsellors return to the lake to set up a new camp, they ignore the locals warnings only to be stalker by the towns brutal killer, in 


8. Hocus Pocus

Directed by Kenny Ortega, this Disney classic is loved for both its music and its Halloween spirit. Three witches once executed in Salem are freed from the afterlife when a group of children accidentally uncover their abandoned house. Now they're back, they plan to absorb the souls of all the children in Salem to make themselves immortal. Thanks to its humour and charm Hocus Pocus remains a halloween family favourite.


7. King Kong

Directed by Merian Cooper and Enest Schoedsack in 1933, the original monster movie follows a film crew who travel from New York City  to a mysterious island inhabited by dinosaurs, and they must save their leading lady as she is abducted by a ginormous, ferocious ape.


6. Beetlejuice

A Tim Burton classic, Beetlejuice begins with a newly wed couple who leave for their honeymoon when a car accident on the bridge causes them to drown in the water. When a new family buy theit former home, the ghosts of the couple attempt to scare them away without success - enter Michael Keaton's rambunctious spirit, Beetlejuice.


5. Scream

What can a horror film do to your brain? This movie is the story of a man who has seen one to many. Deciding to become a masked killer, the man stalks the town tormenting all in his wake in Wes Craven's hit movie.


4. Saw

A film of gut-wrenching horror and gore, Saw follows the man behind the masks. The people who end up in his house must play Jigsaw's killer deadly games and follow the rules in order to survive. 


3. Halloween

Halloween is the story of a child named Michael Myers, who murders his older sister while letting his baby sister and parents live. Michael is locked away for 15 years before escaping, and goes back to his hometown to find his sister. On his way home Michael kills all who stand in his way. John Carpenter's classic is showing tonight at FACT!


2. The Exorcist

Ragan (Linda Blair) is possessed by the Devil. She levitates, speaks in a foreign tongue and burns from the inside. While her mother hopes that medical help will save her daughter, the local priest is sure an exorcism may be the only solution...


1. The Shining

Our number one film for this halloween season is Stanley Kubrick's adaptation of The Shining, based on the book by Stephen King. A frustrated writer's family move to a remote hotel, where their young son starts to experience disturbing visions. As his writers block diminishes, Jack (a fantastic Jack Nicholson) becomes more unhinged, finally turning on his family in a killing rampage through the corridors of The Overlook.


Everybody deserves a good scare... get yours this Saturday with Halloween.