Why are increasing numbers of designers and illustrators returning to handmade techniques? How, exactly, is 'digital fatigue' shaping the creative landscape? And is making tactile artwork really good for your health?

Made You Look sets out to answer these questions, and more, through a series of 16 insightful interviews with some of the UK's leading practitioners, including Anthony Burrill, Fred Deakin, Kate Moross, Pete Fowler, Helen Musselwhite and Adrian Johnson.

Made You Look is a film that celebrates the unique voice of the UK Graphic Arts industry and explores the fact that more and more people are using analogue methods of creativity in the digital age.

"The story we are telling is pretty universal. It's about the fact that people are living much or all of their lives through a pixellated filter, and as such are suffering from a kind of digital fatigue. We interviewed top UK publishers, artists and graphic designers about their work, and their relationships with digital and analogue tools, and with the internet – and got some pretty surprising answers."

The aim of the film, according to the production team, is to inspire people to get the paint and ink out, and to get messy! But also to consider that the internet is one of the most amazing things to have ever happened to the creative industries.

"We chose the cast really carefully so as to have a balanced argument regarding the question of analogue means versus digital, and the perils and pitfalls in both. We also made sure we had an array of different disciplines in the film so that it would be visually rich and would explore the wealth of talent currently in the UK.”


Since screening at FACT as part of Our Screen, Made You Look is now available to watch online here.