I'e always thought of Mount Everest as a very dangerous and scary mountain. Although I enjoy adventure, it's not a mountain I would ever wish to climb!


Recently I went to see Everest in 3D after my teacher introduced my class to the trailer at school and I thought it looked brilliant. My favourite type of film is one that is based on a true story, so I thought this film looked perfect. As the movie began I learnt some facts I never knew about Everest such as you have to pay £65 000 to climb it and you have to do a month of training just to prepare yourself!


As the movie continued, I didn't really develop any anticipation as to whether the group would make it there and back. The way that the characters were presented meant that I couldn't pick a favourite, although it was interesting to see why each one decided to climb. I thought a few of the answers were very good, including one woman who said “I am 47 years old , I have climbed six of the biggest mountains on earth and I want to make it seven”.


The film shows you what it is truly like to climb Mount Everest, including the consequences if things start to go wrong. For some of the most dedicated characters the adventure is a matter of life or death, as the climbers left families behind in the hopes they would return “a legend”. And death is not the only risk; a lot of the characters in the film are affected by rigor mortis along the way and some suffer permanent injuries. The danger is not only from you falling but from the loose ice falling on top of you too.


Another fact I learnt from the film is that there is a point on Everest where you can no longer breathe, so climbers are provided with an oxygen tank - but can the amount of oxygen you get last you to the top and back?


Although I didn't enjoy the film as much as I'd hoped, I did learn a great deal about Everest itself, and as always I enjoyed going the cinema with my friend (including the popcorn!).


I would recommend this film to lovers of adventure and hiking (and anyone with a big interest in Everest) but remember just because you get to the top - it doesn’t always mean you can make it all the way back down! As a result of seeing this film, I haven’t changed my mind - Mount Everest is still a dangerous and scary mountain and I still don’t fancy climbing it!


Everest, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Josh Brolin, Jason Clarke and Keira Knightley is now showing in 2D and 3D at FACT. Book tickets now.