So Mike, how are you with heights?

(Long pause before answering, thinks thoughtfully) Vertigo’s a great film. It plays on our inner instinctive fears… which is probably a good thing. As I’ve grown older, heights seem higher… and I’ve stopped jumping off high walls with gay abandon.

It sounds like you're a bit nervous, are you?


I’m trying not to think about it but maybe I am… I’m postponing being nervous.

How have you been mentally preparing yourself for the skydive?


I’m not. I’m pretending it’s not happening.


Maybe that's a good idea! Can you tell us why people should donate to support the campaign?

Depending on how you look at it, I might die. I’m taking the ultimate risk for FACT. A skydive wasn’t on my bucket list.


(Click here for some more inspiring reasons about why it's so important that FACT is able to carry on delivering the types of community projects we do so well).

How does this skydive compare to last year’s zip wire down Church Street?

Stepping off the platform was really something, but with this skydive I’m looking forward to getting pushed. Once I’m on the plane, strapped to someone, there’s no other option but to jump out with them. I like to take deep breaths to calm down which, in this situation, may well be construed as screaming.


At least no one will be abe to hear you at those heights! Lastly, how will you top this next year?

I dunno, what else can you push me out of? Anyone for Banzai skydiving?


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