“Amy Schumer’s comedy is not just incredibly funny; it’s necessary and beautiful and revolutionary. What she’s doing right now is actually important; she’s having a massive viral hit pretty much every week and her stuff is like 100,000 years of patriarchal bullshit being definitively sorted out one step at a time.  


Anyone who’s seen any of her sketches will agree – Last Fuckable Day, Girl, You  Don’t Need Makeup, The Trial of Bill Cosby, Young Female Celebs on Chat Shows, Rape in Football and, my favourite, Milk Milk Lemonade – which may have ruined both booty hip hop videos and anal sex FOREVER in one video. This is the feminist dream – the biggest, hottest things in the comedy world right now are righteous, feminist, arse punching glory. Amy Schumer has perhaps invented Funinism (Go with it, I’m copywriting it – I have merchandise.)


Last night she won the Trailblazer award at The Glamour Awards and gave a five minute acceptance speech which, and I’m not exaggerating, was like watching a young Richard Prior come in and tear the fucking room up. It contained the affirmation “I’m 160lbs and catch a dick whenever I want” which got a standing ovation; a woman who won two Olympic gold medals did not – that’s your context right there.” Caitlin Moran. 3rd June 2015 (GLAMOUR preview of Trainwreck)


Back in June, GLAMOUR hosted an exclusive screening of Amy Schumer’s debut movie Trainwreck, followed by a Q&A with the lady herself, conducted by none other than Caitlin Moran. While she certainly didn’t need an introduction to her small audience of fangirls at the Mayfair Hotel that night, for those who aren’t aware of the rising star, it may be worth having a quick google of the woman Tina Fey dubs “the biggest deal in comedy right now.”


Since her Comedy Central hit sketch show Inside Amy Schumer first aired back in 2013, Jennifer Lawrence’s new BFF has answered the prayers of women everywhere with her fresh, feminist brand of comedy. As Caitlin Moran pointed out, each viral hit is the perfect response to the years of sexism and misogyny that pollutes the media, society and popular culture.


Not content with ruling the small screen, Trainwreck is her first step towards tearing up Hollywood’s dated rulebook and setting a new agenda. With the help of Judd Atplow, Amy Schumer wrote and starred in her first feature length film and her cinematic debut has excited critics.


Playing a character that’s perhaps “55% autobiographical, more who I was a few years ago”, the film follows the life of Lads Mag journalist Amy; the definition of a hot mess. Unapologetically promiscuous, hard drinking Amy doesn’t even believe in spending the night with a boyfriend, let alone in monogamy. "I am just a modern chick who does what she wants," she declares; free-spirited, ferociously independent; enjoying a string of relationships with men and certainly not looking to emulate her sister’s conservative, married family life. When her editor sends her to write a profile on sports doctor Aaron Conners (Bill Hader), lines begin to blur and suddenly Amy is forced to rethink he rules and principles when it comes to dating. And well, you can guess what happens next….


Yes, Trainwreck follows the basic conventions of your classic romantic comedy, and yes, some dated stereotypes still linger around (do females journalists always have to sleep with their subjects? Must promiscuous women be ‘fixed’ by the right men?) but you’ll find yourself belly laughing for 125 minutes, rather eye-rolling.


In all, Trainwreck is as refreshing as it is relatable, as gushing as it is gross, heartwarmingly hilarious but most importantly, leaves you feeling we’re heading in a good direction with regards to women in the entertainment industry. And with the likes of Amy Schumer leading the way, we may just get ‘there’ a little faster than we thought.


Trainwreck is now showing at FACT. See times and book tickets here.