Why did you apply for the BFI Film Academy at FACT? 


I was really interested in film and was thinking about pursuing it as a career and so I decided that I wanted to learn more about the filmmaking process. I thought that the experience I would gain on the course would assist me in getting a place at university and look good to future employers.


What was your favourite part of the experience?


I particularly enjoyed the editing process as it is something that I have never done before. It was interesting as we got to see all of the different interpretations that the rest of the group had, as well how the footage could be edited to show these. What I enjoyed the most about it was seeing all of our hard work coming together with the final film.


What were the most important things you learnt about?


I learnt the basics, such as how to develop a story, how to use the cameras and how to edit. This was taught in multiple workshops throughout the course as well as learning through the processes of doing it. I also learnt about the many different roles that there are in the film industry and how important each of these roles are in ensuring the filmmaking process goes smoothly. We also learnt how we could get involved outside of the programme, and the steps that we could take independently to progress to these roles.


Have you worked on any other film projects since then?


I've made a film of my own called 99 Days which tell the story of a teenage girl recovering from a mental illness through writing a blog. I used a lot of what I had learnt at the Academy to create my film, such as the sound editing techniques as well as camera techniques. I have actually received some recognition for my film, and online magazine will soon be publishing an article about it.


Wow, you must be really proud! Are you still thinking about pursuing a career in film?


I am definitely still interested in a career in film, and have just been accepted into university to study Film and TV Production. My attendance at the Academy definitely helped me to decide this was the rght path for me, as it taught me what it was like to make a proper film and the best methods for me to do so. It has also helped me to know the different routes to take to make it in the film industry, and helped me decide on the role I want to work in one day.


What advice could you give to any young people looking to apply for the BFI Film Academy this year?


It is definitely something that you should apply for! It really is great fun and you get to meet lots of new people as well as being presented with exciting opportunities, such as the residential trip. It also looks great in the future when you are applying for jobs, as it shows great experience in the field and demonstrates a real dedication to making films yourself.


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