1. It's for the whole family


Build Your Own: Tools for Sharing is all about learning new skills and passing on what you know to your community, and who are the fastest learners? Kids of course! We've got some brilliant new activity packs to keep youngsters entertained with everything from word searches to fact-finding missions. Check out our video of the exhibition from a toddler's perspective, and see why this is the perfct show to introduce your children to art at FACT. 



2. You'll Learn Something New


What is a Raspberry Pi? And how can you programme one to look after your garden for you? Bringing nature and creative technology together, Rachel Rayns' Neurotic Machines project demonstrates how we can integrate new technologies into our everday lives, and make thr future happen today.


3. See a 3D Printer in action!


3D printing is no longer a new technology - the process acually started lifein a very different form from what we now recognise as 3D printing in the early 1980s. But have you ever watched one working? In Gallery 1, we have two state of the art 3D printers, courtesy of DoESLiverpool working round the clock to create prosthetic hands for children with upper limb deficiency - come and see for yourself!


4. Meet the artists


Have you visited FACTLab in Gallery 2 yet? This pilot project sees the exhibiton space turned into an experimental co-working enviromnemt, where visitors are invited to wander in and see our artists in residence at work. Ask them what they're working on, or how you can get involved with the upcoming FACTLab events programme for our next exhibition Lesions in the Landscape - they're very friendly!


5. Start a treasure hunt


Linda Brothwell's Acts of Care: Lost Letters of Liverpool doesn't only exist within the confines of the gallery. Linda has been out and about in Toxteth working on a project which sees the restoration of dilapidated shop signs. Pick up the clues in the exhibition, then venture out into the city and see if you can spot her "Act of Care" in your neighbourhood.


6. Support your city


Over the past few years, The Granby Four Streets CLT have beenworking hard to renovate their area and stop the demolition of homes in their community. What started as a Community Interest project, has fast become of great importance to the whole city, and at FACT you can see what Will Shannon and Turner nominees Assmeble have beein doing as part of this wider initiative.


Build Your Own: Tools for Sharing is open at FACT every day this week from 11am - 6pm until 31 August, and is free to visit - don't miss it! With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union