In the first of a series of simple video tutorials, our creative technologists in residence Thiago Hersan and Radamés Ajna show you how to use this handy device. 



A caliper is a useful gadget for measuring heights, widths and other small distances. Generally found in any self-respecting DIY expert's tool kit, it's part of a range of tools currently available in the FACTLab workshop space in Gallery 2. FACTLab is open to the public six days a week, and local artists and makers are welcome to use the workspace for their own projects, and talk to our team who are on hand every day to offer advice and guidance on developing those personal creative pursuits.


To find out how to use it, and some of the many reasons you should, watch this video...or better yet, visit our team in the Lab to ask them yourself!


FACTLab is open Tuesday - Sunday, 11am - 6pm until 31 August. FACTLab and its' events are supported by the Culture Programme of the European Union and Connecting Cities