DoESLiverpool (Ross Dalziel, Patrick Fenner and Adrian McEwen) have installed a production line of 3D printers in Gallery 1, which print out the small components required to construct personalised prosthetic hands. Inspired by a local family who have used the “Raptor Hand” design, the team is using the Build Your Own exhibition to show the public the practical every day uses of the open source programming and 3D printing.


I found the exhibition to be a fun and knowledgeable experience as it has shown me the importance of technology people use in their everyday lives. It has also shown me the practicality and overall benefits of using open source programming and technology in the real world, as well as introducing me to the production, functionality and use of prosthetics.


The complex and inter-dependent mechanisms combined to create the prosthetics are nothing short of amazing to see in action and the fact that anyone with a 3D printer is able to print and construct the prosthetic is an incredible feat, opening up a world of possibilities for people in need.


The scope of the project is also fascinating, as the team is working with Reach, (the association for children with upper limb deficiency); to help a number of local children build and assemble a prosthetic device for their own use.


Overall, I found the exhibition to be a great learning experience and would recommend it to anyone wishing to learn about the uses of 3D printing or how it helps people across the world.


Build Your Own: Tools for Sharing is on display at FACT until 31 August.