Going to the cinema is so much fun, because of the anticipation of wanting to get to your seats and the excitement for when the screen turns on and the film begins. I also enjoy that moment when you enter the big screen room and there's so many seats to choose from, but you manage to find that perfect and comfortable seat.


I have a certain memory of a trip to the cinema that still makes me smile; I wanted to see a particular film about pirates, but before I went I had to crack a code made for me (letters were cut out in a random order and i had to solve the puzzle!). When I discovered that the code was the name of the film I wanted to see, I was really happy. “Can we go now” I asked - “Yes” was the reply. Now it isn’t the fact the film was so good that makes me smile but the build up to finding out we were actually going to the cinema.


When I get to the cinema, the smell of popcorn goes straight up my nose and lets me know this is the perfect place to sit down comfortably and enjoy a great film. The sounds of the cinema also make it exciting; people munching on popcorn, the sounds coming from the screen as it's turned on and the seats squeaking as people take their places. When I go the cinema I personally like to get popcorn as ever since I saw Michael Jackson's Thriller music video I've always copied the way he ate the popcorn.


I have been to lots of cinemas in Liverpool (FACT, Odeon, Cineworld and Woolton Cinema), and I don't have a favourite cinema i just enjoy going. I have a good memory of once wearing a surfing costume when I went to Woolton Cinema to see Surf’s Up and when I think of that I can't help but smile. I made the staff manager so happy, she wrote a letter to say it “made her day” and gave me vouchers to come back another day!


I have been to lots of cinemas since I was very little and I’ve seen some great films but two of my favourite things on the big screen have been Polar Express and Moonrise Kingdom. The reason for Polar Express being a well remembered one is there was a scene where a little boy thought Santa had forgotten about his Christmas present so I got upset as I thought he wasn't going to get any (I was aged just 4 or 5 years old) but then towards the end the boy wakes up and finds his presents, so I was really happy again. Moonrise Kingdom was another favourite not just because I enjoyed the subject of the film but because I watched it in the Box at FACT.


The cinema has taught me lots of things such as thoughtfulness and expanding my imagination, but it has also educated me on lots of different subjects. Most of all, the cinema has brought me lots of happy memories.


I think that every child should have the opportunity to enjoy going to the cinema.


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