Brazilica is Liverpool's annual festival devoted to celebrating South American culture through art, dance and music. In addition to the well-known street parade, arguably the highlight of every year, Brazilica partnered with FACT to present an exhibition of prints in the Bar, as well as screening two films; documentaries Cidade Cinza and O Samba.


Following a trip to São Paulo, Festival Director Maeve Morris was inspired to screen these two brilliant films in Liverpool. Her South American adventure included taking part in a carnival in Brazil with hosts Nene de Vila Matilde samba school, and she also went to see the graffiti in Vila Madelena - the images shown at FACT were mementos from her journey. 


Cidade Cinza is a documentary about grafitti in São Paulo, the bustling financial centre of Brazil, and tells the perplexing tale of the world-renowned artists who live there, currently batling against the city council for the right to present their work on the city's streets - something the local populace whole-heartedly support.


Inspired by the themes of the film, local street art collective ZAP Grafitti created a series of murals on Ropewalks Square, featuring work by artists 

DeadOne, Slackblabbath and Betarok75. Watch the video to see the work unfold.


Brazilica took place from 1 - 19 July in Liverpool, and will return for 2016.