How does a gallery space tranform from one show to another? After an exhibition closes its doors to the public for the last time, two weeks of hard work by a talented team of technicians begins.


First, the artwork from the last exhibition must be carefully taken down, packaged up and shipped back to the artists all over the world. Next, the space is stripped bare, and the blank canvas looms over the team as they prepare it for what comes next.


The transition of the space really starts to take shape at this point. As well as the carefully selected artists' work brought together by a team of curators, the overall look and feel of the exhibition environment takes a lot of planning too. For Build Your Own, we worked with designers Simon and Tom Bloor, who created a lo-fi, DIY aesthetic, realised by our team, and from building scaffolding to painting walls and hanging art, our install team had their work cut out for them.


Building Build Your Own in numbers:


450 hours of heavy lifting to Django Django, fueled by 300 cups of tea, 132 sheets of Dyed MDF, 40 sheets of white faced Peg Board, 17 lost allen keys, 13 technicians, 10 new fireplaces for houses on Cairns Street, 8 artists, 4 new commisions, 3.5 tonnes of steelwork, 2 Acts of Care and 1 Go Pro camera on a ceiling rig.


And what did we use the camera for? Here's a timelapse video of the team in action - watch the space transform from an empty room to a launch-ready exhibition environment! 



Build Your Own: Tools for Sharing is on display at FACT until 31 August, open Tuesday - Sunday 11am - 6pm. With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union