December 1st 1958. Waring Hudsucker, president of giant Hudsucker Industries, has just thrown himself from the 45th floor. The business world holds its breath. But the board of directors has a cunning plan: put an idiot in his place, depress the stock price, buy up all the shares and make a million! And they’ve found the perfect proxy, a clumsy, big-hearted goof with some hare-brained scheme to reinvent the wheel. Only Norville Barnes may not be quite as stupid as he looks…


Based on the Coen Brothers’ joyful, wise-cracking romantic comedy which helped establish them among the most entertaining and distinctive film-makers of our time, and directed by Simon Dormandy and Toby Sedgwick (War HorseThe 39 Steps), this timely take on corporate greed is a highly theatrical, inventively staged treat.


"This brilliantly designed adaptation highlights
the Coens’ debt to 1920s American theatre"
The Guardian


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