Our animation workshops at Gilmour School are progressing extremely well and they have already produced four short animations that will feature on our Tagging Communities app. By the end of the workshops we will have eight animations that bring to life parts of Garston and Speke's history.

As part of the workshops we invited musicians Billy Payne and Andy Haines of Billy & Andy's Music School into Gilmour School to create a soundtrack for one of the animations. The musicians showed the children a fantastic device called Ototo that allows anything that can conduct electricity to become the trigger for notes on a synthasizer. This was demonstrated by having five bananas that each played a different note when the children touched them. 

All the children thought this was incredible and really enjoyed experimenting with the sounds they could make. After seeing what they could do, the group created a simple melody which will be used as the music on their animation.  

See Bill & Andy's work here billyandandy.co.uk