Hi I’m Hollie one of the Gallery Volunteers at FACT. I’ve been itching to spend some time in the new FACTLab so last Saturday I went along to the first Make Your Own Noise workshop, part of an ongoing bi-weekly series run by Owl Project and The Noise Upstairs. In the spirit of the Build Your Own exhibition, the workshops explore and share aspects of DIY electronic instrument making.


I don’t have a background in music or electronics so this was a chance for me to experience something completely new. I was fascinated by all of the of homemade instruments laid out on the table, ranging from mini samplers to light sensitive synthesisers. Before we got to play with the instruments, Anton from The Noise Upstairs shared some improvisation techniques and games for making music and creating narratives. 


The atmosphere was fun and relaxed and after playing the games ‘acoustically’ we got to play them on the electronic instruments. My favourite part of the workshop was performing a five minute ‘jam’ in groups of three. It was amazing to hear the DIY instruments come together and to listen to narratives evolve throughout the jams.


The workshop was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon, I had lots of fun and it was totally free. I’ll be booking on to the next one!


Make Your Own Noise takes place in FACTLab every other Saturday, on 20 June, 4 July, 18 July, 1 August. Book your place.


FACTLab and its' events are supported by the Culture Programme of the European Union and Connecting Cities