“Remember if anything tries to catch you….Run!!”


That was my favourite line from the amazing movie Jurassic World. The film's plot is all about dinosaurs and how they are created through DNA and genetics at a futuristic tourist attraction. At the start of the film two brothers (Zach and Craig) are sent away to visit their Aunt Clare who lives and works on Jurassic World Island. Zach is the older brother who has no interest in dinosaurs and is often mean to his younger brother Craig, who absolutely loves dinosaurs and wants to explore everything. The boys are given VIP passes and are to get in first on every ride at the park. Aunt Clare is busy working all day and the boys wish they could spend more time with her, as the last time they saw her was seven years ago.


The boys are “up for an adventure” though and decide to go “off road” on one of the attractions. This leads to BIG TROUBLE as Zach wants to take a huge risk by going down a hill despite a “no entry” sign - and that's where the fun really starts!. The boys speed away in a glass globe and come across an escaped dinosaur (a huge one!) that tries to eat the boys by smashing the globe all over the ground. However, the boys escape and that’s where the thrill-a-minute sequences to try and recapture the dinosaur begin.


Owen (Chris Pratt, the hero of the film) is an ex-navy officer who builds a close relationship with the dinosaurs. Owen is a strong character and one of my favourite scenes (which reminded me of an Indiana Jones film) is when he heroically saves one of his colleagues who falls into the dinosaurs' den. Owen cares about the dinosaurs (no matter how they were made) and cares for their feelings too - he just doesn’t agree that science always equals progress and is aware of the dangers of scientists meddling with nature.


As the movie progresses you begin to see a new person in Aunt Clare; she starts off as a person who always put work first, and by the end of the film becomes one of the bravest aunts in the world, who realises family matters most.


In conclusion I would say the movie was highly enjoyable, with an easy to follow storyline and makes for thrilling viewing, with a few good laughs. I would therefore highly recommend for teenagers (or younger ‘if’ dinosaurs dont scare you!) and anyone who is a fan of action films in general.


And don’t forget... if you ever go to Jurassic World “Remember if anything tries to catch you….Run!!”




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