Meeting 1 - 08/06/15


Present: Myself, Amy, Ana, Radames from FACT and Lin Holland from Liverpool Hope University.


My name is Ant Hamlyn and I was recently awarded the first ever FACT and Liverpool Hope University Production Residency. I have been given an opportunity to work with FACT to develop a piece of work that will address how the power of social media can allow us to live within a paradoxical reality, in which we can attain a false sense of belonging and a temporal state of appreciation. I intend to translate this idea visually using a giant inflating and deflating form that is powered via its social media popularity and the piece will be unveiled in December as part of a larger show.


Today we sat down and calculated a brief time frame as to how things look to progress. We are aiming to have a fully working prototype by 31 August. Between then and now I will be working closely with Radames Ajna in FACTLab, testing materials and making smaller prototypes. I also intend to work with the marketing team to decide the most effective way in which to communicate the piece to FACT"s audience.


Starting from 9.30am tomorrow (09/06) myself and Radames will start to calculate a more concise budget and a more detailed time-frame of events. I will also attend the first of FACTLab's Hack Nights to get started on some of the coding elements, then on Thursday I am going to meet the rest of the FACT team. Feeling extremely optimistic and excited about working with everyone over the next few months.


Find out more about Ant's project here. Ant will be in residence in the FACTLab space over the summer in Gallery 2.