Erica Scourti’s work Past Sharing, part of the Group Therapy exhibition, looks at how online social platforms play a crucial role in the mental wellbeing of young people. 


For Light Night 2015, we invited Erica Scourti to create a performance piece looking further into some of the ideas present in her Group Therapy work. The resulting live performance will premiere on Friday 15 May, and continues to look at how we understand and relate to our thoughts and feelings in online space. 


To explore these ideas Erica will be taking to Twitter, an inherently public platform that many of us use multiple times a day. While we may think that there’s not a lot left unsaid on Twitter, most of us have a drafts folder brimming with thoughts, jokes and revelations that we thought better of sending. Around the Twitter draft a moment of self-doubt exists. 


A kind of collective ritual 'cleanse' of intimate digital data, That Moment When also brings past, private moments of experience into a shared present.  By doing so the work raises questions around what it means to truly ‘share’– and in turn, what it means to delete? 


Become part of the cleanse by opening up your own drafts folder and publishing them between 10pm and midnight on Light Night, and tag your drafts with #tmwFACT to find That Moment When


Below you can find a collection of research, thoughts and moments explored by the artist ahead of the That Moment When performance #tmwFACT


"Today, subjectivity has become a technical construction: the contemporary subject is defined as an owner of a set of passwords that he or she knows—and that other people do not know. The contemporary subject is primarily a keeper of a secret." 

Boris Groys, Art Workers


"Privacy and the negotiations bound to it are elements of all social interactions. Can I say what I think, and do I mean what I say? Who knows my secret? Will I get support in bad times? Some of the most moving questions we face in life reflect questions of privacy. But also, day-to-day questions refer to privacy, such as the following: Do I feel I have to hide my diary or my photo archive? Is there somebody I can talk to about what happened at home this morning?"

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"But the entirety of this archive is not adapted to human perception, or at least not to individual perception. Like all large-scale databases—including WikiLeaks’ Syria files—it takes the form of a trove of information without (or with very little) narrative, substantiation, or interpretation. It may be partly visible to the public, but not necessarily entirely intelligible. It remains partly inaccessible, not by means of exclusion, but because it overwhelms the perceptual capacity and attention span of any single individual.53"

e-flux Journal


“The obscene is what puts an end to every look, to every image, to every representation … It is no longer the obscenity of what is hidden, repressed, or obscure; it is the obscenity of the visible, of the too visible, of the more visible than visible; it is the obscenity of that which has no more secrets, of that which is miscible in information and communication.”



loooong train journeys when I shld be curled up on the sofa surely represent emotional labour overtime


overheard on train ‘consumption per unit customer’


must not tweet.


he resists my advances, I have too much testosterone I say but that's reducing unrequited desire to biology

a person who gets under ur skin and makes u wish u had better self control


with a cold lonely cycle at

now when I get one of those ‘you are owed £4000 from your accident’ I half think it might be true


Promising all the usual guff about becoming a better leading creative I mindfulness the Google stop for petrol dress


even my Buddhist podcast is talking about Facebook and #fomo...bad frickin karma


bus journey home, plenty of time to tga that I've abandoned meditation practice spiritual journey' has come to a screeching halt
nobody *really* feels they belong, do they or do they not

“Can I say what I think, and do I mean what I say? Who knows my secret? Will I get supported in bad times?”

 what if there was a story in here, some truth I'll conceal under this prentice of honesty, where honesty and visibility contradict each other

“It may be partly visible to the pubic, but not necessarily entirely intelligible” The Steyerl

Still I feel I should clarify that I AM NOT ACTING