What is Digital Sound Art?

Digital Sound Art is where people use sounds to convey an artistic idea. Using digital tech means working with electronic sounds or combining sound and media, computer compositions ranging from electro-acoustic to experimental music, as well as sound installations. It can be noisy and very experimental!


What can we expect at the workshop next week?

If you come along to our workshop you can expect to meet other like-minded young people and get your hands on some iPads and MacBooks, and create your own musical compositions with professional techie Liz Hardwick.


Can you tell us a bit more about artist Liz Hardwick, who'll be leading the session?

Liz has a degree in media production and technology, and completed an industry professional course in Audio Post Production for TV and Video with The School of Sound Recording. She has been involved in the Girl Geek movement and is an advocate for Open Source Software and technology being accessible for all.


I've never played an instrument - will I be able to get involved or do I need to be musical to take part? 

Anybody can do this workshop - whether you are an expert in the trombone or can’t sing a note (like me!) the workshop is fun and informal. You also don't need to have come to any of the previous workshops - this is truly open to everyone!


Tell us more about what's coming up next in the "Makers" series and other opportunities for Young People at FACT.

We have one more workshop in the TechBox series which will be on 8 August 8. In this session we will be working with circuit boards, crocodile clips, LED’s and much more to get hands-on with electronics.


What do I need to bring to the workshops?

Just yourself!


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