This week has been a weird and wonderful one for the children. They have been immersed in the world of animation. The progress they made within one week exceeded my expectations and opened my eyes to the potential of IT in other areas of learning.


When the children first started the workshop they met a fantastic animator called Anne. She is a lovely woman who was great fun and the children loved her. She explained the different types of animation at just the right level for the class to understand, and fully engaged them in the animation process. The first thing they animated was their name. It was a great way to get the children to start animating. They learnt the importance of small movements when altering their images and were amazed when watching what they had produced.


This continued throughout the week. The children brought their poems to life more and more each day and thoroughly relished each and every minute of it. They made their own characters, backgrounds and effects. They even recorded themselves performing the poem. When they weren’t in an animation workshop, they were waiting for the time when they were!


We are already thinking about how we can apply our new skills to other aspects of school. We are planning to use the I motion app to track our sunflowers following the sun through the day.


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