Erica Scourti, one of the exhibiting artists from Group Therapy, worked together with our Young People's group Freehand to produce Past Sharing - a project which presents how online social platforms play a crucial role in the mental wellbeing of young people, using Instagram.


For Light Night, Erica invites audiences to participate in a mass sharing of information for That Moment When - to purge our social media identities of everything we've ever wanted to say, but couldn't. Using the hashtag #tmwFACT visitors to FACT, and people all over the world will be given the green light to share their previously unspoken thoughts as part of an interactive art performance.


The tweets will be projected live over Ropewalks Square from 10.30pm, with the artist adding her own personal thoughts to the live feed as she reads out some of the now-public messages. The project is all about deciphering the boundaries between public and private, asking us to consider the way we present ourselves online, and whether we are always being entirely honest about the persona we create.


Get involved on the night by purging your drafts folder - and delete afterwards to complete the cleanse. #tmwFACT The live feed will be projected onto Ropewalks Square 10pm - 12am.


Following Light Night, Erica Scourti will be running a free drop-in workshop on Saturday 16 May to help visitors explore what their mental health looks like using iPads and other creative tools.