Focusing on re-animating the heritage of Kirkdale and Vauxhaull, we met Community Historian Steve Binns to find out more. Steve Binns is a real hidden gem of the city, with a vast and complex knowledge of Liverpool.

Steve talked to us about the Vauxhall Survey in which many were interviewed about their lives in Vauxhall in the 1830s. At one time Liverpool’s population was tipping the scales at 900K and many of them were living in the heartlands of Kirkdale, Vauxhall, Everton and Anfield. Infant mortality was very high, poverty was rife. Steve's words (which you can listen to on our audio clip) brought these overwhelming figures back to life for us here in 2015.

The group will be meeting again on 27 April to shortlist the Digital Artist who will co-create the new content for our Tagging Communties app; bringing the knowledge of historians like Steve Binns with the creative and personal content of our groups together.

Tagging Communities is a new heritage community project about six neighbourhoods across Liverpool focusing on the last 150 years. The project will create a blog and an app which can be used by anyone living or visiting Liverpool presenting an alternative history told by the community residents.