The season began with Ridley Scott’s 1982 origami-fuelled, cyberpunk epic Blade Runner and next will land tonight on a faraway space station for Andrei Tarkovsy’s 1972 Russian masterpiece Solaris. Based on Stanislaw Lem’s poignant yet breathtaking novel of the same name, the film is an exploration into the drama and grief of partial recovery of the human condition when dealing with a lack of communication both amongst themselves and others.


One week later on Thursday 30 April, another of Lem’s novels will feature via its big screen adaptation: Ikarie XB 1. The 1963 Czechoslovakian piece predates many of the Sci-Fi world's essentials and it can be seen as a precursor for what was to become so popular about the genre. A linchpin in cinematic history, it laid the foundations of just what was possible both technically and also psychologically for filmmakers and audiences alike. Jindrich Polák’s seminal work follows a perilous mission deep into space in search of alien life, starring Zdenek Stepánek in his most famous role.


Thursday 7 May. That is basically all of the information you need, for this is the date that Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey returns to FACT. A mainstay in the genre, often imitated, never bettered. The soundtrack alone is enough of a reason to make this film fundamental viewing for any film enthusiast. Recently restored by the BFI, the film makes for required viewing even if you have watched it countless times before, as every frame now looks better than ever.


The season concludes with the modern classic Interstellar on Thursday 14 May. Christopher Nolan continues his motif of big films and his most recent work comes complete with some of his regulars including Anne Hathaway and Michael Caine. It is Matthew McConaughey who leads the gauntlet this time around as his character, Cooper, explores a recently discovered wormhole which has shrunk the space/time contimuum. If you missed it upon its initial release, you’d be advised to catch it on the big screen whilst you can on breathtaking 70mm.


So in honour of the late, great, Leonard Nimoy, keep watching the skies… and these films of course.


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