If you enjoyed your visit to the exhibition, why not get yourself one of our catalogues to find out more about the artists, the thinking behind the exhibition, and the works on display. 


It is commonly noted that one in four people experience mental illness at some time in their lives. In spite of the increasing sophistication of our cultures and economic systems, we are still a society that contends with high levels of anxiety and dissatisfaction. For many, the presence of digital technologies is exacerbating the problem by distorting our sense of self and social relationships.
Group Therapy: Mental Distress in a Digital Age [A User Guide] presents a diverse collection of essays, artworks and personal testimony exploring connections between mental health and the social constructs, political conditions and technologies that structure our lives. Presented in three sections, Society, Technology and Creative Practice, this book features contributions from a broad range of artists, researchers, clinicians and mental health activists, harnessesing the personal experience of its contributors to offer first-hand knowledge about the factors that influence well-being in the twenty-first century. 
Katriona Beales / Dora Garcia / George Khut / Neeta Madahar and Kate Owens  / Melanie Manchot / Lauren Moffatt / Jennifer Kanary Nikolov(a) / Members of Freehand (FACT’s young  people’s programme) and Erica Scourti / Superflex / UBERMORGEN / the vacuum cleaner / Quintan Ana Wikswo
Victoria Betton / Amanda Cachia  / Paul Dean / Mark Fisher / George Khut / Peter Kinderman / Benjamin Koslowski / Seaneen Molloy / Clive Parkinson / Mike Stubbs / the vacuum cleaner/ Charlotte Wealthy


Also available are mugs designed by Madlove artist the vacuum cleaner as part of his designer asylum currently housed in the FACT Connects space, allowing visitors ‘a safe place to go mad’. Central to the experience of Madlove is feeling comfortable and sharing conversation - having a cup of tea usually helps this along! These limited edition mugs are an extension of the vacuum cleaner's artistic intervention, allowing visitors to take home a piece of the art and consider the key themes behind the participant-designed installation.


Catalogues and mugs available to buy in the FACT Connects Space from one of our gallery team in the foyer. Catalogues are priced at £9.99, and mugs are £10.

Group Therapy: Mental Distress in a Digital Age will be showing at FACT until 17 May.