Prototyping a custom network of media players with custom software, the Type Motion multi-screen installation (Gallery 1) will be turned into an experimental studio.


Drawing on the philosophy of xm:lab's School of Things, the workshop will build on the workshop series in FACT's Development Lab to bring hands-on arts-and-technology research into the gallery space. Local artists and visual designers are invited to bring work and play with its distribution aross the multi-screen architecture.


Works shown include a video installation based on images by the Belgian artist and graphic novel pioneer Frans Masereel.


If you are an artist, designer, or diy enthusiast, and want to experiment with this diy media architecture, bring your work. We use a Raspberry Pi-network to distribute content across the seven-screen setup; display is coordinated via a custom software. For video files, please use .mov / h264.


Concept & Facilitation:
Henrik Elburn, Hannes Kaefer, Jan Tretschok, Soenke Zehle

Christopher Kaiser

A cooperation of FACT and xm:lab with LJMU and the Frans Masereel Foundation.

This workshop took place from 22 - 23 January 2015