So, Remembered? is finished and even has a title! When we started this project with a hazy vision of a vague idea of what we wanted to do (something about memorials) the first thing we set out to do was catalogue them to give us an idea of what we were dealing with. This plan was soon scrapped when we saw the sheer volume of them. In Liverpool alone there are thousands of memorials of varying scale and grandeur so we knew we had to thin our selection down somehow.


As it was centenary year when we started the project, it seemed fitting to focus on WWI memorials and to highlight the five year span of the war, (not four as many people think), we chose five memorials and made 'five' our central figure to work with. These memorials encompassed all the forces and we took both still images, video and collected five found objects from each site to give us the option of mapping in a different manner, an idea borne of our workshop with Brian McKearn. Being refused permission to film in Lime Street on the fly and moved “off the hardstanding” to film another stuck in our throats a little but we reshuffled our selections and we were back on track.


Our discussions on why we had memorials, who should get them etc. had a lively flow as options differed greatly within the group from every man and his dog getting something, to the other extreme of nobody getting anything. For me, the thing that stood out was how poor a substitute any plaque or stone is for a life. There is no comparison. Nevertheless we set out to highlight these memorials and capture them as they are seen (or rather glimpsed) every day.


The exhibition, at the initial planning phase, was going to be on a larger scale, with each five minute video playing on a continuous loop and various ideas for layout. Once we saw our allocated space, however, we once again started the process of stripping it back. For the exhibition we took a minute from each of the five videos and their audio, and blended it together to create a single five minute film. We also displayed five still images, one from each site.


The full videos and a good selection of stills we took will be available to view on the website shortly, and there will be a short post announcing their arrival so keep your eyes on the news section if you are interested in viewing them and leaving some feedback.


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Remembered? is currently on display in the FACT foyer until 17 May as part of Group Therapy: Mental Distress in a Digital Age.