Anyone familiar with our Time and Motion exhibition back in 2013 might remember artists Revital Cohen and Tuur Van Balen. For their video installation 75 Watt, the artists explored the nature of mass-manufacturing by designing a product with no useful purpose and choreographeda dance performed by the labourers manufacturing it, which was then captured on film.


Their new work, The Quiet, could not be more different. An immersive installation in the FACT Connects space will recreate the atmospheric conditions of “the calm before a storm”, encouraging visitors to explore the complex ways the environment can play with our biology.


The installation will feature a collection of objects - a particle machine, tropical plants, meteorological instruments, sailors’ storm glasses and a shark oil barometer – housed within an insulated room. These objects will work together to generate and contain the pre-storm environment, in an attempt to explore the aesthetics of the invisible. 


By recreating these conditions, the installation will evoke an intangible, subconscious experience that draws on the synthesis of fact, folklore and faith, allowing visitors to experience and consider our bodily relationship to this sensory phenomenon.


Revital Cohen and Tuur Van Balen’s work experiments with the use of design as medium, reconfiguring processes, systems and organisms to question the context in which they operate - a fitting mission for this environmental study, which is presented as part of an ongoing piece of work.


This exhibition offers visitors a unique experience, and will be on display until 22 February.