Our Type Motion merchandise has been selling fast and it's great to see so many tote-weilding arts enthusiasts wearing our exhibition ephemera about town!


Michael Walsh from Smiling Wolf, the company who designed the range to accompany the posters and print they created for the exhibition, describes the concept as showing alphabetical characters 'in a state of flux'. The final outcomes were based on the design team experimenting with different letters and pushing them to their extremes by trying out a number of different styles. 


The bright, colourful designs developed from the initial black and white characters the team created, and once they added colour, the process became more exciting. The Type Motion alphabet really began to take shape with the ability to use a digital print process, allowing the designers to quickly produce any number of variations.


The designs all use the FACT typeface, which is called Neubau Grotesk, and can be found throughout the building, online and in our brochure. According to Michael, using FACT's house font really worked and made sure that Type Motion really felt a part of FACT.


Our selection of merchandise is now available to buy from our info desk and online at our new online store at the reduced prices of:

Type Motion Poster - £1

Type Motion Tote Bag - £4

Type Motion T Shirt - £10


You can also buy the whole set for £12!


Find out more about Type Motion on the exhibition project page