8 December 2014


Smiling Wolf’s Michael Walsh describes the concept of the design as "to really show a character in a state of flux. The final outcomes were based on pure experiments or pushing the letters to their extremes and trying out a number of different styles to achieve that." 

The bright, colourful designs grew from their initial experiments in black and white and ‘creating ghostly letters that seemed to dance on the page’. Once they added colour ‘it seemed to make it all a lot more exciting. It also really helped to make the identity feel more encompassing of the exhibition content and audience. Once we established a palette that worked well on screen and in print; we started to build the alphabet; spurred on by using a digital print process which allowed us to quickly produce any number of variations.’

The designs all use our typeface, Neubau Grotesk, which appears throughout the building, online and in our brochure. Smiling Wolf went through numerous typefaces before settling back on their original choice. Michael described the process as ‘A difficult task. We tried some more generic sans-serif faces but everything felt a little too far removed from FACT’s own identity. We then returned back to Neubau Grotesk and felt it just worked. FACT use the rounded version — so keeping it the family meant Type Motion really felt a part of FACT.’

Our new selection of merchandise all uses the beautiful new Type Motion designs and feature various letters, the entire selection is now available from our info desk and online at our new online store.

Find out more about Type Motion on the exhibition project page