28 November 2014


The UK Blog Awards are the only awards that recognise a multitude of individuals and organisations across the UK who maintain brilliant blogs about everything from cars to art and technology to food.

We are absolutely delighted to be shortlisted in two categories, best Arts and Culture Blog and Most Innovative Blog but need public votes to take us to the next judging stage. So we couldn’t think of a better way to ask for your support than to well, write a blog about it!

You might be a regular visitor to FACT, and a regular visitor to our News & Articles but who writes it all? How do they find their inspiration? How do articles get onto the site? And why is the Blog important to FACT?

The FACT Blog has been part of our website for a few years now, but we realised that we were in danger of falling into the trap of just having FACT’s marketing team talk about FACT events (let’s face it, this is what most organisations do!). But this didn’t sit well with the ethos of FACT or the community who share an interest in our programme. Without our great staff, volunteers, artists, freelancers, project participants, friends and visitors – FACT would be just a building. Likewise, without all of these people, the FACT Blog would be seriously lacking!

Anyone and everyone is welcome to submit an article for the Blog (you can find more info about how to get in touch here) and we also encourage staff from all departments to send their musings to us, as well as updates about projects like Veterans in Practice and In Hand and Freehand. Our programmes are typically very collaborative so we also encourage artists, freelancers and participants to write from their own perspective. Recent examples include: Hannah Lea’s account of a recent project branding session, Jay Bell’s insight into a new memorial project and a piece on the development of  artist-led workshops, written by the artist herself!

One of the most exciting things about this section of our site is the range of voices, thoughts and ideas and it especially comes to life when we open a new exhibition! Already for the Type Motion exhibition, contributors have been inspired to write about the Tweeting Typewriter, favourite movie title sequences and the development of the Transport typeface. Other exhibition inspired articles include a piece on the future of energy, how technology has impacted our working life, and which is better – vinyl or MP3?

Some of my favourite articles on the Blog have been written by young participants in our projects and Freehand programme, including an account of how Young Liverpool Film Night benefitted a young filmmaker, and one young person’s personal reasons for working on our mental health app In Hand.

You can help us become an award-winning blog by voting for FACT using the links below before Wednesday 3 December (you can vote once in each category with your email address, but hey if you have more than one email address there’s no stopping you!)

Most Innovative Blog: http://www.blogawardsuk.co.uk/candidates/fact-blog/

Best Arts & Culture Blog: http://www.blogawardsuk.co.uk/candidates/fact-blog-2/

Cross your fingers, eyes and toes for us and follow the latest UK Blog Awards news on Twitter with the hashtag #UKBA14