7 November 2014

22 Tpae Tour

Orange Juice, formed by Edwyn Collins and his school friends in Glasgow, were one of the most influential post-punk bands of the 1970’s and 80’s. After earning a number one in 1983 with Rip it Up, the band broke up two years later with Collins going on to pursue a solo career as well as producing for artists including The Cribs, Terrorvision and Vic Goddard.

On 16 February 2005, during an interview for BBC 6Music, he spoke about feeling unwell but put his illness down to food poisoning. Two days later he was admitted to hospital after suffering a stroke.

After a lengthy operation, he was safe but was left with movement and speech difficulties and was only able to say four phrases, "yes", "no", "Grace Maxwell" (his wife's name) and "the possibilities are endless".

The Possibilities are Endless, directed by James Hall and Edward Lovelace, is a beautifully impressionistic and immersive documentary following Edwyn Collin’s efforts to ‘recollect the facts of his life’ and get back to his wife, music and family.

Rather than create a typical rock documentary full of talking heads, clips of live performances and carefully staged ‘behind the scenes’ sections, The Possibilities are Endlessnever goes too gaudily into the particulars of what actually happened to Collins, instead trying to convey the sensual experience, what it felt like then and how it feels now.

Collins’ relationship with his wife is explored and the key part she played in his recovery is a major theme of the movie. Little White Lies described their relationship as ‘Collins is the subject of the piece, but Grace Maxwell is the hero.

The Possibilities are Endless is now showing at Picturehouse at FACT and tickets are available from the Box Office, online and by phone 0871 902 5737.