25 November 2014

Branding Workshop

Networked Narrative is a two-year project working with people aged 13 to 25 in Burnley, Hull and Wigan to bring digital art into libraries. As part of the project, participants are invited to take part in narrative-making workshops, choosing genres, storylines, designs and much more.

Over the weekend I went along to a branding workshop with some of the young people already involved in Networked Narrative at the Smiling Wolf studios in Liverpool. During the workshop, we talked about how people wanted to project to look and discussed how they wanted it to be seen as a brand. Even in these very early stages, every young person that takes part is key to the design and development of the project.

Organised by Debbie Chan, Networked Narrative’s Creative Producer, and led by Smiling Wolf’s Director and Designer Simon Rhodes and Michael Walsh, the workshop provided a creative platform for everyone to develop ‘the brand of Networked Narrative’. This was a really interesting afternoon in an amazing visual space. Lots of great ideas were shared and everyone was able to explore the studio as well as what they thought the project should look like.

During the workshop the group was split into two teams - Red v Blue in true Liverpool fashion. Each team looked at ideas for visuals for the project, from looking at what kind of colours and effects represent the project best to discussing different types of font and what effect they had on the reader. Likewise, Simon and Michael from Smiling Wolf talked everyone through some great examples of what the posters and leaflets for Networked Narrative could look like, which really sparked some great ideas and lots of talk of futuristic neon glows.

We also came up with a brilliant idea for a new name which links perfectly to the project and what it stands for. At the minute I can’t give too much away.....but we’ll make an announcement very soon!

For those thinking about taking part, it’s such an amazing project and a great way to say that you’ve helped to create a brand new art commission. You’ll be able to boost the skills you already have or maybe learn some completely new ones, like how to use design and editing software and understanding the creation of interactive fiction.

For more information about Networked Narrative please visit our project page, or if you’d like to take part, head down your closest library involved in the project.