19 November 2014

Why Man Creates

A selection of incredible designers, writers, illustrators, creatives, academics and typographers will choose their favourite examples of type in motion and give a Pecha Kucha style presentation on their chosen artwork, advert, short film or opening credits from a movie.

Pecha Kucha presentations first appeared in Tokyo in 2003. They were designed as a way for architects, creative and designers to get together and share information and inspiration in a relaxed and fun setting. Each presentaton lasts no longer than three minutes!

With the North West being home to such an amazing array of design talent, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get everyone together and share some of the fantastic type in motion work that has been made over the years.

As well as the presentations, we will also be hosting a screening of Saul Bass’ Why Man Creates. The film is a series of explorations, episodes and comments on creativity from the master of conceptual design. Combining humour and satire with questions about the creative process, Bass uses the film to examine how creativity is used by different people in their work. 

Tickets for the event are available now from the Box Office, by phone on 0781 902 5737 and online. We’re still looking for contributions to the event, so if you would like to present on the night, please get in touch with Elliot Callard at elliot.callard@fact.co.uk.