3 October 2014

The BEATLES Cover Design 30X30cm Dan Gurney 

We Buy White Albums brought Rutherford Chang and his amazing collection of The Beatles' White Album to FACT for a month over the summer. 

On 18 August we launched a design competition, asking people to create an album cover inspired by the album or the exhibition and the response was incredible.

We are delighted to announce that Dan Gurney is the overall winner with the beautiful design above! 

Dan explains the thought behind his design:

"Moving away from the classic white cover of The Beatles' self-titled album, bright colours were matched with a bold black and white background, representing the weird and wonderful journey the double LP takes you on.

Images representing all 30 songs were sketched and developed into simple graphic designs. Designs ranged from referencing song titles, to the meaning behind songs, such as 'The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill', shown on the design as a tiger's head. The song was inspired by a young American The Beatles encountered during their stay in India, who after shooting a tiger posed proudly with his prize. This swift and proud reaction to killing was distasteful to John Lennon, thus 'The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill' was written to mock the young American.

All songs are represented, some more easily identifiable than others."

Congratulations Dan and a massive thanks to everyone who sent their designs in!