13 October 2014

Wakolda 3

A charming and sophisticated German doctor takes up residence in a small, isolated South American village and begins to take a special interest in the blonde 12 year old daughter of his neighbours. His speciality is genetic medicine and he offers his expertise to help the child to recover from what he claims is ‘stunted growth’. 

The horrible truth of his experiments quickly emerges and his identity is uncovered in this eerie and atmospheric thriller from Lucía Puenzo. Based on a true story, the film is adapted from Puenzo’s best selling novel of the same name. 

Alex Brendemühl as the chilling Doctor has been described as possessing ‘a crisp enigmatic mode of charisma’ and a ‘refrigerated menace’ with many marking him as ‘one to watch’ in the future. 

Set in the beautiful and remote Patagonian countryside, the film’s intense plot and dramatic surprises are balanced perfectly by the ‘serenity of the Argentine mountain landscape’ 

With its quietly unnerving manner, beautiful landscapes and nuanced performances, Wakolda is an antidote to the huge array of overblown and exaggerated summer thrillers. 

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