15 October 2014

J Peg Control25 Page 1

Happening in everyday spaces and places, Control 25 invites you to surrender, share and take control as you go on a solo journey around the streets of Liverpool. The journey you take is up to you. Which route will you choose?

Participate in a series of intimate encounters created by a group of emerging and established local artists. The performances will be the result of a two week creative process where established artists, Ant Hampton, Sharron Devine and Kaleider will deliver a series of creative workshops.

At this stage it is difficult to tell you about the individual one to one performances as many of them are still in development. I can however give you an idea of some of the work. One piece will explore 'The sensation of being measured'. Another piece will involve going on a taxi ride with a Liverpool cabbie, the friendliest taxi drivers in the world (or are they!?). You will be invited to sing your heart out in a phone box, and find your inner ‘scouse cowboy’ on a super lamb banana rodeo. Walk in the shoes of a real life couple from Liverpool as we experience their first date, or just sit and remember the simple moments in life. 

All the journeys will begin in FACT and will take around an hour and you will be walking through the streets of Liverpool.

Tickets are available through the Control 25 eventbrite, where you will also be able to find more information.