24 October 2014

Five Fables

As one of Seamus Heaney’s final works before his death in 2013, Five Fables consists of five beautifully animated tales, transcribed by Heaney, from medieval fables by Scots poet Robert Henryson, written more than 500 years ago. First broadcast on BBC Northern Ireland earlier this year, this stunning 2D animation, created by Northern Irish animation studio Flickerpix, is a beautiful family friendly addition to this year’s film programme for the Liverpool Irish Festival.

David Cumming, Executive Producer of Flickerpix said: ‘what has made this project so exciting is the bringing together of so many talented people from different disciplines – all at the top of their game. Seamus Heaney’s wonderful translation, Billy Connolly’s rich delivery, Barry Douglas’s beautiful music, Joel Simon and Dean Burke’s stunning images.

Deriving from Scottish poet Robert Henryson in the 15th Century, Five Fables is able to weave humour with seriousness as it comes to life through state of the art animation, passion and a love for the project from everyone involved. As a poet whose work is no longer widely read, Henryson’s work now receives the recognition it originally lacked, thanks to Heaney’s translation. Words which will now live on to reach fresh audiences, lighting a spark for poetry, storytelling and the craft of verse amongst new generations.

When working with Seamus Heaney for Five Fables, Billy Connolly said: ‘I love him, he’s great, he’s a lot gentler than I expected. For some reason I thought he’s be more forward, slightly more aggressive, but he’s a big gentle dumpling. I think he’s amazing.’

What strikes me the most is the sheer admiration each contributor has for one another, something that can only help to create such a charming animation of traditional children’s stories. So for any child, parent, grandparent, anyone with a love of memorable stories, enthralling storytelling and captivating animations, a trip to FACT this weekend is a must to be amongst the first in the country to see Five Fables.

Over the course of the 10 day celebration FACT will also present other contemporary films such as a selection of New Irish Shorts, an Irish Animation Special, Maria Quinn’s 32A and Lenny Abrahamson’s What Richard Did, showcasing the finest Irish talent through Liverpool Irish Festival’s film programme.

Five Fables will be screened at FACT on Sunday 26 October as part of the family friendly programme at the Liverpool Irish Festival 2014. Tickets are available from the Box Office, by phone on 0151 902 5737 and online.