10 October 2014

Filmed In Supermarionation 1

Supermarionation (Super/Marionette/Animation) is a technique made famous by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson in their 80s TV shows such as Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet

Famously unsteady with their wires always on show, Supermarionation puppets have become iconic symbols of all our childhoods and the Supermarionation Weekend celebrates their massive contribution to popular culture. 

The legacy of Supermarionation is still being felt today with Gerry Anderson’s son now crowdfunding a new series, Firestorm, which will use his new ‘Ultramarionation’ technology. With 23 days still to go on their appeal, they have already raised over £58,000! 

On Saturday, Filmed in Supermarionation tells the story of how its creators, Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, pioneered what was to become their filmmaking trademark. Featuring a wealth of new interviews and archive footage, the documentary is the definitive story of one of the most unique filming techniques ever created. 

Peter Bradshaw writes in The Guardian that ‘there is something very romantic about this success story of British entrepreneurial creativity’ which has inspired countless sci-fi action-adventure TV shows and films over the years.

On Sunday at 2pm, we’re screening a mammoth 4 hour long selection of the best Supermarionation programs from over the years. It features everything from Supercar to Fireball XL5 as well as the better-known examples of Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet. 

Tickets for Filmed in Supermarionation and This is Supermarionation are available now from the Box Office, by phone on 0871 902 5737 and online.