6 October 2014

Freehand Archive film. from FACT on Vimeo.

Last spring I was a part of the Archive Film Project at FACT. During the project, I had lots of fun and learned tons of things about vintage film! The point of the project was to create a short film inspired by archive film footage. The first thing that my fellow young filmmakers and I did was take a look at archive footage about Liverpool and England. Next, we all worked together to create a short film that put a modern twist on the concepts we saw in the archive footage. We found lots of inspiration in film that was taken years ago in order to create our short film, which recreates and intertwines pieces of archive footage.

Our short film was inspired by three pieces of archive footage; a feature on retro fashion, a newsreel about a huge family in Liverpool, and footage of children fighting on a street. We split up into three different groups and tackled shooting one piece of the short film per group. We packed up our cameras and tripods, did some location scouting, and filmed on location in different parts of Liverpool, including FACT itself! Some of the places where we filmed included Bold Street, the Bombed-Out Church, and the Anglican Cathedral! Once the filming was done, our teachers, Sima and Carlos, helped us to edit the footage, put it together, and make it flow with a storyline!

As well as getting lots of hands-on experience on how to operate a camera and put together a film, we also learned about the significance of archive footage. All film becomes archive footage the minute that it’s shot! I think that it’s important that young people watch archive footage because we can learn about what the world was like in the past; and we can also learn about the filmmaking techniques that filmmakers of that time period used. By watching and becoming inspired by archive footage, we keep the memory and spirit alive of the people and things that existed in the past. It’s important that young filmmakers keep the past alive while continuing to make innovations in the film industry. By looking at the work of past filmmakers, future filmmakers can be inspired to make beautiful projects such as our short film!