28 October 2014

Dido Harding

Whilst at FACT, Dido Harding led an inspirational discussion around forging her own path in a male dominated industry and addressed issues such as the digital skills challenge. Her digital heroes included Peppa Pig (because of the way it enthralls children) and, on a more serious note, Bill Gates, because of his work in the prevention of Polio.

From Rasta Mouse to Alan Turing, here are some of the audience’s own digital heroes:

Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple 
Chosen by multiple audience members, comments included “innovation at its best” , “passionate, driven, not afraid to say no or change direction” and “enormous sense of belief and deep understanding of design”

Sir Clive Sinclair, electronic entrepreneur
“ZX Spectrum- where the journey began”, referring to one of the first mainstream home computers, produced by Clive Sinclair

Alan Turing, original computer scientist
“Without him this would not be a brave new world for us elderly”

Superflex, digital artist collective and FACT collaborators
The artists behind the tenantspin concept - FACT’s long running digital creative community project produced with the tenants of blocks of flats in Liverpool

Rasta Mouse, digital mouse and TV star
“Because it brought a culture and a way of speaking to the masses of children across the UK”

Martha Lane-Fox, founder of lastminute.com and the initiator of the GO Online campaign
“She is a pioneer”

Vannevar Bush, pioneer of hypertext
“Democratisation of power to creative/simplicity of use”

Garance Dore, formidable fashion blogger
“Forefront of great digital marketing tech. Look to the bloggers”

Liz Hardwick from Manchester GirlGeeks
“She’s ace”

Other heroes included bloggers, artists and audience members’ loved ones who helped introduce them to tech.

Who's your digital hero?